Infusion Spirals by The Barrel Mill

The Orginal Infusion Spiral

Extraction As Fast As Chips • Integration As Refined As Staves


American Oak Meritage Blend Oak Spiral Barrel Packs--Click here for more information.

New prices on all Oak Infusion Spirals effective April 1, 2014

Winemaking Is Going Spiral. Because it works!

Many winemakers will say that great wine is really made in the vineyard. Their job is simple: do no harm and let the grapes work their wonder. But the winemaker's role deserves more credit than just serving as a sort of chaperone for the grapes. Decisions are made almost daily along the wine processing continuum and it is the winemaker who navigates the journey that leads to greatness.

Throughout this ongoing winemaking activity, the possible application of oak arises almost any time. From fermentation to just weeks before bottling, this abundant resource with properties seemingly naturally created for winemaking is applied in all kinds of formats to perform one or more critical functions. Whether to build, enhance, support, sweeten, lengthen, lift, mask, improve, complement, round-out or add structure, oak is second only to grapes in the hierarchy of components that directly impact the winemaker's final product.

Understanding the role of oak in the winemaking function was--and still is--the inspiration for the design, manufacture, assembly and packaging of The Oak Infusion Spiral by The Barrel Mill. We believe that in addition to contributing aroma and flavor, an oak adjunct must offer convenience, simplicity, refinement and unquestionable value in a neat, clean, quality-controlled package. Furthermore, when all of these benefits come in a product that performs eight times faster than a new oak barrel, winemakers see, taste, smell, feel and experience for themselves why the Oak Infusion Spiral earns its designation as the smartest oak alternative.

      “We like the Oak Spiral products for adding complexity to our blends. It gives an oak profile different from other adjuncts and more resembles barrel aging.”
   Greg Kitchens, Winemaker
    Don Sebastiani & Sons, Napa, CA

The Oak Infusion Spiral delivers refined quality, elegant integration of wine and oak and a complexity that rivals the finest grained French or American oak barrels. Aroma impact is noticeable but not heavy. Flavor impact is complementary from the background, always respecting the fruit. With every vintage, more and more winemakers across the country are experiencing the quality and value of the Oak Infusion Spiral. And while they still may insist that great wine is made in the vineyard, having the Oak Infusion Spiral in the winery makes achieving greatness that much easier.


Multiple Toast French Oak or American Oak Barrel Pack Blends

Lift, Build and Lengthen Wine

The Oak Infusion Spiral is known for fast extraction and refined, integrated results in each of its four single-toast, American or French oak versions. But did you know that French Oak Infusion Spiral Barrel Packs also come in combinations of toasts? Our new French Oak Burgundy Blend, Bordeaux Blend and Rhone Blend Barrel Packs and our American Oak Meritage Blend Barrel Packs lift fruit, add volume and lengthen finish to any wine.


French Oak Blends

For delicate, fruity wines, increase freshness and volume with the Burgundy Blend. With medium body wines, add mid-palate sweetness using the Bordeaux Blend, and for a more robust wine, our Rhone Blend helps build a long, rich finish.

Our new multi-toast French Oak Barrel Packs combine different toast levels in one barrel application to create enhanced complexity, volume and finish.

American Oak Blend

The Orginal Infusion Spiral


  • Low cost per gallon
  • Eliminates labor, space, time and cost of new barrels
  • Easier to insert, remove and do battonage--one Spiral Barrel Pack has just six connected sections, compared to 13, 16 or 17 sections in other manufacturers' thru-bung sticks and chains of oak
  • Displaces only 0.25 gallon, compared to 1 to 1.5 gallons from barrel inserts
  • Adds refined new oak in weeks, not months
  • Submerges in wine faster than oak sticks
  • Stays fresh in its original protective plastic packaging in long term storage, if necessary
  • Four toast choices and a variety of Toast Blends
  • Quickly masks a wine flaw
  • Adds new oak before bottling
  • Maximized cross-grain exposure speeds extraction and submersion into wine, adds layered complexity
  • Available from stock
  • Clean, tight-grained French oak from Vosges and American oak from Minnesota
  • Air-seasoned a minimum of 24 months
  • Choice of single-toast and multi-toast barrel packs
  • Years of proven results from producers at all levels: from less than 1000 cases to over 500,000
  • Tank-size Oak Spiral packs available for Flextanks and stainless tanks
  • Easy dosage adjustment


“I have probably used every oak alternative out there and the Oak Spiral is one of the five that I prefer. I like the Bordeaux Spiral in particular for its flavor and roundness that it adds. It is designated for my reserve cabernet sauvignon as it accentuates the varietal character of the fruit while functioning to soften the tannins and add fullness”.

Joe Hudon

Claar Cellars

Yakima Valley, WA